Energy Supervision Department of Transneft Energy conducted more than 8,700 audits of energy facilities in 2017

Date of publication: 26 April 2018 Print

In 2017, specialists of Transneft Energy conducted more than 8,700 audits of energy facilities of the Transneft system entities located in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The number of facilities supervised by Transneft Energy is constantly growing from year to year. Contracts for the provision of services for the supervision of energy facilities are concluded as part of Transneft’s policy in the field of labour protection, energy efficiency, industrial and environmental safety at facilities of the Transneft system entities.

The list of the main services provided by Transneft Energy in the field of supervision of energy facilities includes inspections of the technical condition and the safe operation of power plants, including explosion-proof electrical equipment.

All facilities are inspected with the help of a specially designed automated system of the departmental energy supervision services (AS DESS). AS DESS allows employees to plan and carry out inspections, register detected violations (photo evidence can also be attached), control the elimination of violations and generate reports.

According to the results of 2017 audits, there is a decrease in violations connected to the technical condition of electrical equipment, thermal power plants and explosion-proof equipment in comparison with 2016.  

Supervision of energy facilities of the entities of the Transneft system is one of the spheres Transneft Energy works in, along with the supply of electricity to industrial consumers.

Audits contribute to the high efficiency of power equipment and its reliable and emergency-free operation.

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Transneft Energy provides electricity supply services to industrial consumers throughout the Russian Federation.  Transneft Energy’s efficiency is ensured by automated business processes. The Company gives the client easy-to-read analytics with varying amount of details depending on the client’s wishes, enabling independent management of electricity costs.