Transneftenergo Passed Certification Audit of Its Quality Management System

Date of publication: 29 November 2017 Print

Transneftenergo quality management system (QMS)  passed ISO 9001:2015 certification audit.

The audit was conducted by a representative of DQS, a member and founder of IQNet international certification association and one of the leading global management system certification authorities.

Based on the audit findings, the auditor concluded that Transneftenergo quality management system meets the global standard and issued the compliance certificate.

Transneftenergo’s QMS application area is power supply to consumers by provision of comprehensive services, in particular, maintenance of the energy commodities metering systems, supervision of  power assets, technical supervision over manufacturing and overhaul of electric motors and transformers,  energy efficiency monitoring, development and attestation of meters.

DQS auditors noted the following advantages of the company’s quality management system:

- planning of a long-term upper-level development strategy, drafting of the five-year process development roadmaps;

- QMS constant improvement and maintenance, establishment of the process office  (Board for the Company’s Corporate Development) and its regular operations;

- the top management’s commitment to improve the infrastructure as concerns the process automation, implementation of JIT (Just-in-time) technology,  development of the automated measuring and information system of energy monitoring and metering (AMIS EMM), which has upgraded the electricity monitoring efficiency significantly;

- providing access to the up-to-date regulations via specially established registers, tracking the link between processes and regulations.

The application of the quality management system enables to improve and maintain Transneftenergo’s high performance and the high quality of provided services, lay the foundations for implementing the efforts focusing on the company’s sustainable development.


 Transneftenergo provides electricity supply services to industrial consumers across the Russian Federation with efficiency exceeding that of the customer’s own power sales infrastructure, by means of business process automation. The Company provides the intelligible analytical materials with any degree of detail of conducted settlements,  enables independent electricity cost management.