Transneft Energy Adopts Electrical Energy Quality Monitoring System at Transneft Facilities

Date of publication: 06 July 2018 Print

Transneft Energy has put into commercial operation an electrical energy quality monitoring system (EEQMS) that continuously controls electrical energy parameters at Transneft power facilities engaged in transportation (transshipment) of oil and petroleum products across the Russian Federation.

EEQMS is an integral part of the electrical energy quality management system at Transneft and ensures complete observability of electricity supply to power sites using such parameters as current frequency, voltage level, waveform distortions (higher harmonics) and asymmetrical distortions of the 3-phase voltage system.

The need for EEQM adoption is stipulated by drastic influence of the above electrical energy quality parameters on the productivity (energy efficiency) and service life of electrical equipment.

The new monitoring system is unrivalled both in terms of its coverage, with more than 1400 control points distributed throughout the Russian Federation, and authentic algorithms for aggregated assessment of electrical energy at the level of power facilities, the Transneft system and its subsidiaries.