Transneft Energy contributes to optimising electricity costs for data centres

Date of publication: 04 May 2018 Print

Transneft Energy has participated in the 6th Data Center Design & Engineering 2018 international conference and exhibition dedicated to designing, constructing and operating data centre engineering systems.

Within the scope of the business agenda, Transneft Energy, as an energy retailer, shared its experience in optimising power consumption for such major industrial power consumers as data centres.

Data centres or data processing centres (DPCs) are hi-tech sites, dedicated buildings that feature the engineering infrastructure needed for hosting server and network equipment and to store data.

In his DPC as a Power Facility: Ways to Reduce Electricity Costs report Kirill Yuryev, Advisor to Director General of Transneft Energy, presented key strategies of the Company’s operation in wholesale market of electric energy and power, which enable the Company to achieve maximum savings in supplying energy to its clients.

Transneft Energy provides electricity supply services to industrial consumers throughout the Russian Federation. A Yandex’s data centre, one of the country’s largest data processing centres, is a client of Transneft Energy in the DPC segment.