Transneft Energy, LLC Increases the Number of Delivery Point Clusters at the Wholesale Electricity and Power Market

Date of publication: 10 January 2018 Print

Starting from January 1, 2018, Transneft Energy obtained the right to participate in the trade of electricity and power on the wholesale market as regards the new delivery point clusters of electricity consumption in relation to the following facilities:

- Transneft (Evolution Tower);

- Transneft Volga Region  (the Volgograd PEPS within the boundaries of Volgograd Region);

- Transneft Volga Region (the Tinguta PEPS in Volgograd Region);

- Transneft East  (LEOD of the OPS-4 within Irkutsk Region);

- Transneft East  (the OPS-3 within Irkutsk Region);

- Transneft East  (the OPS-6 within Irkutsk Region);

- Transneft East (Diascan Design Office within Irkutsk Region);

- Transneft Far East (the OPS-29 within Amursk Region).

The appropriate decisions were made by the Management Board of TSA (Trading System Administrator of Wholesale Market Transactions).

Thus, Transneft Energy has been engaged in electricity purchase on the wholesale electricity and power market for 77 delivery point clusters since 1 January 2018.

For reference:

Transneft Energy, LLC provides electricity supply services to industrial consumers across the Russian Federation with an efficiency exceeding that of a customer’s own power supply company due to business process automation. The Company provides user-friendly analysis where the settlements conducted are detailed to a customized degree and enables organizations to independently manage their electricity costs.