Transneftenergo, LLC has brought into operation an automated system of pump unit efficiency calculation

Date of publication: 29 June 2017 Print

Specialists of Transneftenergo developed and implemented an automated system of pump unit efficiency calculation based on Russian software.

The developed pump unit efficiency calculation system receives operative data from the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) and the automated system of electric power technical metering (ASEPTM), calculates the actual efficiency of the main pump units (MPU) and compares the figures with the specifications.

At present calculation and analysis of pump unit efficiency are performed on a monthly basis. Based on the results, the Programmes of increasing the efficiency of process sections of trunk pipelines and main pump units of the entities of Transneft system may be subject to amendment.

The system, which allows to perform complex monitoring and analysis of MPU efficiency, is brought into operation in all oil transportation organizations of Transneft system.

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Transneftenergo is an electric energy supplier servicing industrial consumers in the whole territory of the Russian Federation with the efficiency, which is higher than the efficiency of the client’s own power supply organization due to automation of its business processes. The company provides analytical information, which is clear to the client, with as detailed settlements performed as it is required, and makes is possible to independently manage the electric energy costs.