Transneft Energy adopted a new information management system

Date of publication: 11 April 2017 Print

Transneft Energy has brought online a new Service Desk information system for IT and maintenance support management and process and service automation (IT&MS IS).

The project implementation enabled to automate the processes of using IT services provided to Transneft Energy business units and Transneft subsidiaries: incident and support request management, service directory and service level management, change management.

Adoption of the system helped increase transparency of the company’s business processes and enhance the customer service quality by giving access to an easy-to-use graphic interface of the IT&MS IS for Transneft Energy employees to independently create support calls and monitor their handling status in all stages.

The new system creates the conditions for labour input reduction in operation of IT services.

For reference

Transneft Energy provides the power supply services to industrial users throughout Russia, with the efficiency above the customer’s own power sales entity due to automated business processes. The company submits the analytics that are legible for the customer, with any breakdown of calculations, and enables its clients to independently manage their power costs.